Gift Guide: Personalized Skincare/Beauty Box!

A few weeks ago, I was inspired to create a skincare box for my work team’s gift exchange partner after seeing an amazing creation from reddit user u/veronicaxrowena (she created a GORGEOUS box for a friend of hers). She utilized the site to great a thorough guide  and box customized to her friend’s skincare needs.

As luck would have it, my secret santa giftee mentioned that she’d like assistance in creating a routine so I took the opportunity to curate a few items I thought would work well for her! Below are the steps I took to create this gift, I’d recommend actually speaking to your box recipient to really understand their skin needs before throwing random products in the mix;being that mine was secret I had to be lowkey and go for products I thought would work well/sample sizes.

Personalized Skincare Routine Gift Box/Care Package

  • Basic understanding of the person’s skin type/needs
  • Basic understanding of their current routine
  • Any known allergies
  • Fun things to personalize it like their favorite colors, interests, or scents
  • Access to or other sites where you can buy travel/sample sizes

Creating the Guide

u/veronicaxrowena did an incredibly thorough guide for her friend but being that I didn’t want to overwhelm my Secret Santa and also didn’t have the time to take things to the next level, I opted for a more abridged version but included relevant resources for my giftee (also she sees me every day at work and can ask me for help/directions on resources). Below is a link to the actual guide I made and printed for the gift. It includes references from r/AsianBeauty, Fanscerviced-b, and a list of my favorite bloggers.

Mary’s Skincare Gift Guide made using Canva

Putting the box together

I purchased or had in the unopened section of my stash all of these products. Most of them are from because of trial and travel sizes but Sephora does offer these as well.

What’s inside?

Where did I purchase?

As mentioned above, I sourced all of the products from Amazon except the sheet masks which came from my personal stash of products purchased at the respective brands’ brick and mortars in South Korea and for the Maskingdom mask (free box from their Holiday Party!)

Key takeaways

Know their skin If I were to do this project again, I’d definitely want to have a better understanding of my recipient’s skincare needs and sensitivities. Because of the secret factor I wanted to get things I thought would be inoffensive to her routine and skin. Also a +1 for sample sizes!

Having a budget is good. My work team had a price cap of $50…I might have gone over a hair due to having some of the masks on hand and also wanting to share my favorites, but by and large I think having general budget parameters is essential in not doing too much too soon, especially if the person receiving the gift is in unfamiliar territory with a skincare routine!

Utilize online resources and cite sources! Being able to reference popular and informative blogs like fanserviced-b and communities such as reddit were invaluable in compiling the booklet. I was able to pare down some of the information from the respective sites and tailor to my giftee! At our gift giving luncheon my giftee even commented how amazing all the physical stores and online resources were which made me happy!

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