Beautibi Holiday Event Recap + Haul

This is a bit overdue post but I wanted to share my experience at Beautibi’s Holiday Party on December 16th! It was the second event I attended this year and I absolutely loved it once again! Jen puts such great care into both hosting and providing information about the products she curates. Additionally, it is a rare opportunity to try different products that you may not be able to access otherwise!

Beautibi Featured Brands

Beautibi (pronounced Beauty-Be) is a Los Angeles based boutique featuring unique South Korean and Taiwanese skincare/cosmetics brands. Some of my personal favorites include (not all of the brands they curate will be listed):

What I was looking for

Well the name of this blog isn’t Layers of Toner for no reason šŸ˜€ I really enjoy using different toners because my skin typically responds well to less occlusive products. I’m also a creature of habit and tend to latch on to 1-2 things if they work well–you know the saying if it aint broke? That’s my mantra. However I feel that with the skincare and beauty industries we are offered so many incredible choices at a variety of price points. I love he ability to actually test things out so I knew going in I’d be in the testing + diving head first into the world of 107 oneoseven.

My ‘treat yourself’ haul

  • Thank You Farmer Sun Project Light Sun Essence: I was able to test this out at Beautibi’s first event during the summer and I love that it had no white cast, went on smoothly and elegantly. I thought it would be a great product to incorporate on our vacation to the U.K. next year due to its size and general texture.
  • Thank You FarmerĀ True Water Deep Toner: I actually waffled between this and the Miracle Age Toner but ultimately decided against it because I preferred the texture and finish of the Water Deep Toner. We shall see how it goes and I’ll likely end up with the Miracle Age in my next purchase.
  • 107 oneosevenĀ Core Flex Cream: After trying two samples of this I was HOOKED! I’ve never tried a cream that was so good and retaining moisture and most importantly not yielding a ton of closed comedones (as my skin is prone to with heavy occlusives).
  • 107 oneoseven Rose Vinegar Water Toner: No real reasoning other than I liked how it felt and I like pink
  • Simplistic Wonder Essence: the aesthetics
  • Simplistic Supreme Skin Salve: Jen (Beautibi’s founder) recommended this product to me because of my dry skin struggles. I’m very much looking forward to testing.
  • Skin EditorĀ Tre-Fact Revitalizing Essence: I like brightening things and #becausepackaging
  • ReiseĀ Rice Extract Hydrating Toner: (heart eye emoji) Jen pls. This product line is so sleek and fits right in with the rest of Beautibi’s offerings. I ADORED how it felt when applied and the pump application #praise
  • Merry, Merry Mask SetsĀ All Skin Type & Oily Skin: I wanted more masks because my rations were LOW so the price point on this was an ideal situation. They feature some of Beautibi’s most popular items of 2017!


Disclaimer: I do not use affiliate links and have either tried these products as samples or purchased them with my own money. I have not received any compensation for my review of this experience.

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