2017 Skincare Product Favorites

One of the things that I find really important on this skincare journey is to figure out what products work for you but also maintain a variety (I feel like I’ve said this in my other posts but it’s true!)

I’ve come across several items this year that I hope to either use more of or explore other items from the respective brands. This is not a list of all the new products I tried this year but ones I was particularly wow’d by!


  • Kate Sommerville Exfolikate (2 Min Facial): I got this product in a value set from Sephora and honestly didn’t think anything of it. However after using this Lactic Acid peel my pesky rough patches and trouble areas were remarkably smoothed and less offensive. Especially areas along my jawline. I also love how easy it is to spot treat if it is too strong for the whole face. I also use this on my boyfriend’s trouble areas (nose) for quick smoothing.
  • Leaders Labotica Argan Oil Deep Cleansing Tissue: This was originally a PR sample that I received back in March/April but decided that I had to have it in semi regular rotation. Aside from the value of Daiso cleansing wipes, these are great at removing makeup, sunscreen, and daily grime whilst being gentle and hydrating. I actually used these as my sole first cleanse on my trip home because I forgot my other cleansers…and it did the job perfectly!
  • 107 Coreflex Cream Essence: This product. I seriously can’t deal with how great it is and how it showed immediate brightening(Squalene is #2 ingredient) and hydrating for my skin. I got it at Beautibi’s Open House on a whim as I’d wanted to try the brand for ages and was not disappointed. The pricetag is…not ideal for twice daily use but honestly I could probably ditch a few other items to make room for this. That’s how much I LOVE this product!
  • Banila Co Misss Flower & Mr Honey Essence Oil: I ordered this from Amazon in February of this year, well before I realized it was going to be phased out. It was one of those products that moisturized my skin SO well as a final step, not to mention it boasted ingredients like Niacinamide (skin elasticity), Honey Extract (reduces inflammation), and Propolis Extract (reduces inflammation) amongst its top ingredients.


  • My Scheming Honey Mask: I purchased this mask on r/AsianBeautyExchange awhile back and finally got around to using it. The fit is beyond perfect and the light material is completely saturated in essence. My skin was soothed so much with this mask and I can’t wait to try it again as soon as I’m able to track them down.
  • Sulwahsoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask: Have you ever met a product that goes above and beyond the call of duty and its pricepoint? When I tried this as a sample I was skeptical but this hanbang night mask is a staple in my routine. It’s thick and creamy without being too heavy and clogging pores.

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