What I Want To Try in 2018

Like everyone else, I wanted to set some goals for 2018. Not just the typical health and fitness but also changes to how I manage relationships and finances too! Overall I do want to focus on quality, not quantity too. I think I’d very much gotten into the habit of having an every other day sheet mask habit and buying items before I actually needed a replacement. As of now my last AB purchase was 12/16/17.



  • Only repurchase HG routine staples like Cosrx BHA A-Sol and Paula’s Choice BHA
  • Facials every 6 weeks–I’ve already identified a few places I’d like to try
  • Using what’s in my stash before repurchasing
Reise, Simplistic, & 107 products


  • Make it to Precision Running MWF
  • Incorporate weight training 2-3 days Tu/Th/Sa
  • Hike atleast 1 weekend per month
  • Take Pilates weekly


  • Try a new restaurant every 6 weeks
  • Try 12 new coffee shops
  • Meet with the Brunch Group atleast once a month
  • Eat carbs in vegetable and fruit form

Wedding Planning

  • Set a budget
  • Book a venue
  • Book a photographer
  • Buy a dress
  • Start thinking about sofreh aghd designs

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