Review: Dr. G Barrier Activator Cream for Dry Sensitive Skin

Based on the product name alone I knew I had to atleast try Dr. G Barrier Activator Cream for Dry Sensitive Skin Type. During our trip to South Korea last April, I had the opportunity to patron several different brick and mortar stores as well as ‘drugstore’ type places. Also I did a google search and there are literally 0 blog reviews on this product?! Not sure how that happened but I digress.


Dr.G Barrier Activator Cream – Dry sensitive skin Type

Notable Ingredients (CosDNA breakdown here)Water, Simmondsia Chinesis Seed Oil (Jojoba Oil), Squalane

Price Point: I paid ~$30 USD for a kit that included a sample size of the cream and a balm; these were nice freebies and I use both as travel companions or in my gym bag.

Product Claims (paraphrased from their website): strengthen sensitive moisture barriers, moisturization from natural ceramides, general skin barrier strengthening

My thoughts?

My skin type is dry, sensitive, and prone to PIH. I live in a temperate desert climate with an above average amount of pollution.

The only reason I didn’t want this to be a HG was because I had no earthly clue where I’d be able to repurchase it…luckily Riley Rose in Glendale has a whole Dr. G section which is as surprising as it is pleasing.

When I use it: I have tried several methods of application–from applying to my whole face, to spot treatment, to using as a hand cream when my ashiness gets too out of hand. I can say the best outcomes have been when I’ve overdone it with exfoliating, put too much on my skin after a lineup, or am trying to keep acne breakout areas from getting too dried out with the use of prescriptions. I hate to say this does it all but it kinda is the Swiss army knife of my heavy moisture routine.

Feel: Due to being somewhat greasy and not playing well with my sunscreen (Missha All Around SB is a no; Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel is fine) + layers of toners, I think this works better as a PM routine piece but can be used in the AM if you do not wear makeup. If you are making an alternate use as a hand cream then it works well and is non-greasy.

Skin Reaction: My skin really loves this! It has no fragrance and is super gentle. If you’ve ever used a hydrocortesone cream (oddly specific, I know) it is sort of like that but not streaky or pasty. A tiny, pea sized amount to the affected dry or chapped area is plenty.

How long does it last? I’ve had my tube opened since end of April/early May 2017 and it is maybe halfway used? I do not use it every day, though.

Where did I buy it? LOHB’s in Seoul, Riley Rose, Dr. G’s website

The Glendale Galleria’s Riley Rose Display

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