Review: Sojeong Skin Therapy in Los Angeles

How I found Sojeong Skin Therapy

The online AB community is a great place. I’d actually been researching facial places in Los Angeles on Yelp and Groupon and initially I had about 10 places. When Cindy (@lazyglow) happened to mention Sojeong Skin Therapy on her Instagram stories, I realized I’d also added her to my list and figured a rave review from her was reason enough to settle on SST. My first visit I was uber focused on taking everything in so I wanted to wait for the second time around to share my experience.

Pre-Facial Status


My skin was super dry. A dry patch on my forehead and my left cheek. I also hadn’t done my full routine because I wasn’t leaving the house before my appointment.

Initial Thoughts

My second visit to Sojeong Skin Therapy was a great success. Check my Instagram highlights for more specifics! This time around, I decided to go with the Hydrating Facial because the weather here in LA has been temperate but extremely windy and dry. In fact I was chatting to Ashley (@gaminebeauty) yesterday about how ridiculously gross and dry it’s been and what we can do to combat this struggle.

The Establishment

The Entrance
Facial Room–the table is all heated
Charging Station
Cute little floral arrangement

Everything is really clean and well kept. It’s got a simple elegance happening which you can see more of on her Yelp page. You need to ring the doorbell so Sojeong knows you’ve arrived. Both times I’ve been the only client there which immediately puts you at ease. The room itself is no frills but smells lightly of essential oil and has quiet music to set a calming mood. It seems she’s recently added cell phone chargers which are compatible for Android and iOS devices.

The Experience

I consider Sojeong to be among one of the more affordable facials in Los Angeles, especially for the quality of service provided. Overall I’m really happy with my experiences at Sojeong–the extractions aren’t painful, she walks you through each step of cleansing, various deep cleansing masks and extra hydration ampoules that she uses with some fancy cold facial machine thingy (feels like ice wrapped in a smooth covering moving across your face? somewhat hard to describe). The products she uses are Dr. Grandel if anyone was wondering.

My Results


These photos were taken Sunday afternoon without much besides adding sunscreen (Missha All Around Safe Block Aqua Sun Gel) to my PM routine from last night. Everything is super smooth & supple. I honestly can’t wait to go back so I actually pre-booked my next appointment for February 🙂 In line with my focus on purposeful purchasing and using up all my stash, I really feel like a monthly visit to Sojeong Skin Therapy is well worth the money and more impactful to maintaining my skin health and overall goals. I’m planning to get the collagen lifting next and the Meridian after that! Does anyone else get facials on a regular basis?


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