Mapletree Blog Raffle x Kirei Station February Getsu Box

Last December & January, Sophie from Maple Tree Blog hosted a fundraiser/raffle to support victims of domestic violence in the UK. I naturally had to participate because it is a cause dear to me and I also love to support someone in the AB community that I’ve followed for ages on both Reddit and Instagram 🙂

Sophie also hosted a cute event wherein she planned to announce the winners of the giveaways as well as how much money was raised for the charity! (I caught the tail end of the livestream–pesky time differences >_>) She had several people from the London-area AB community in attendance as well as guest speakers!  During the raffling portion, I was lucky enough to win the extremely generous prize of the February Getsu Box by Kirei Station.


The Box

At $30, the Kirei Station Getsu Box feels like a good deal–especially if you don’t live near any Japanese Beauty retailers. Their website shows a variety of options including a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription.


The Description

I really appreciated the typed up page with all of the information on the contents. It definitely saved me time in using the Google Translate app or bothering my Japanese speaking friends for help >_< My only feedback would be to also include a translated ingredients list on this page but it will also be fairly easy to research on CosDNA.


The Contents

The fact that they include full size products in the Getsu Box make it a win for me. I don’t know if I’ve seen any other subscription box do this, but I’m also not a box connoisseur. The snack portion adds a little something extra as well which I personally LOVE because I am a big snacky person. I’ve never tried any of the products an am particularly curious about the multipack of masks and the Rosette Gommage Peeling Gel Moist. Because I have good judgment, I rehomed the blush to my fairer skinned bestie because honestly I don’t think that would’ve turned out well for me 😀


  • Evita Creamy Soap in Rose Scent Limited Edition
  • Rosette Gommage Peeling Gel Moist
  • Clear TurnPrincess Veil Rich Moist Mask (8ct)
  • Mentholatum Melty Lip Cream
  • Cezzane Natural Cheek
  • Pocky Heartful Strawberry Flavor (2ct)


It’d be great to hear if anyone has tried and these products!


One Reply to “Mapletree Blog Raffle x Kirei Station February Getsu Box”

  1. Oh my, you got a strawberry Pocky, how cute is that! It’s my favorite! (not that I’ve tried them all)

    I don’t know what’s with Japanese packaging and is it just me (might be my pink allergy) but it just looks so cheap, especially compared to some more sleek and modern looking Korean products like Innisfree, Mizon and Missha. The blush looks really cute but it’s certainly going to show up more on someone fair.


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