Pay It Forward

By now, the few folks who do read this blog or follow me on Instagram know I am somewhat active in the #AsianBeauty community. There are many spaces where English-speaking Asian skincare enthusiasts convene–primarily Instagram, Facebook groups, and Reddit (the largest community of them all). I’m personally the most active on Reddit and Instagram and have received invaluable advice, friendships, and a sense of community from all of them.

In addition to guiding people through problems (and often directing them to medical professionals…), answering questions, and providing mini reviews, I’ve found folks who above all have a generosity that I didn’t even know was a “thing.” A perfect example is when I had a Laneige cushion that was ever so slightly a shade too fair for me. I started chatting to Deena (@dat_seoul_glow) in the DMs and sent her the new cushion plus the compact. Naturally I added a few other funsies I thought she’d enjoy. I never expected anything in return, I just enjoy making sure products and purchases don’t go to a complete waste if they’re a dud for me. Imagine my surprise then when Ms. Deena shipped me this gorgeous box filled with the most perfect and tailored goodies! She is such a lovely person inside and out and I’m glad to know her.


I recently had another moment of kindness bestowed upon me by @Snails4eva. I had commented on one of her posts about Earth’s Recipe and even used her photo for Devoted to Dew’s #FebdewaryChallenge. I’ve honestly been dying to try the brand but cannot justify buying another toner with my current stash situation. Long story short, she offered to send me a decant of the product and this is what I received.


I am rarely left speechless but this was just so unbelievably nice from a virtual stranger? I love AB for the confidence it’s given me, but the quality of people I’ve met means more. I’ve tried to pay things forward when I’m able (have done a #Thankful giveaway on reddit) but this has motivated me to do more for those who may need the extra boost.

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