Beautchat x 107 Event Recap!

On Saturday afternoon I had the opportunity to attend the this year’s Beautchat with 107oneoseven at The Peninsula Hotel in Beverley Hills. One of the things I love about the Asian Beauty and Korean Skincare community is that everyone is exceedingly nice, positive and wants to engage with one another.  During the afternoon, we had the opportunity to mingle among our peers as well as learn about some of the new products coming down the pike from 107oneoseven!



As I mentioned above, one of the core tenants of Beautchat is to bring community members together to share ideas, opinions, and discover new products. During the session, Beautchat facilitator Ashley (gamine.89) and Sarah (ohmyglossblog) shared a bit of insight into the community aspect expected to launch at some point this year. I’m hoping to participate if I am able.

New Products

One of my favorite parts of the afternoon was learning about the in depth processes for the fermentation of the vinegars as well as the other premium ingredients used in 107 products.

As a totally unbiased (and not because she’s a dear friend) party, I was beyond impressed by Ashley’s knowledge about all of 107’s products and how the plant derived squalane mimics the skins natural production of moisture for more efficient absorption.

We also received an exclusive first look at the TWO new lines that 107 will introduce this year to have a total of 3 lines at a price points that work for every budget. They will be:




Raffle Challenges


Our hosts were beyond generous. Like really really generous and I feel lucky to have attended an event with such genuinely kind folks. Beautchat and 107 hosted several raffles throughout the afternoon including a Group Selfie Challenge, Best Instagram Post, and Best Instagram Story.

The grand prize for Best IG post received the full Coreflex Line😲😍

I was honored to be chosen by our impartial judge (event photographer Eric who had literally zero purview into the beauty sector 😆) and am grateful for the generosity of Team 107. They’re seriously one of my favorite brands (I will never go without my Coreflex Essence) and I’m really excited to use my gift.

Stay Tuned…

We also received first looks on beta testing products from the Oneoseven Line which include the refreshed Rose Vinegar Toner, Oil in Gel Cleanser, Botanics Masks (testing two sizes, star or heart) and Illuminator. I’ve already been testing the Illuminator which is so far passing the white cast test 🙌🏾🙏🏾 please look out for individual reviews of these products as well as a comparison of the old v new packaging. For anyone who’s tried 107 products, what are you most excited for?

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